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Postby Vampyre » Wed May 04, 2011 5:58 pm

Hello guys,

Well, I must admit that I'm a big huge fan of indie development... I'm always on the search for any good indie game (if you want, I can set a list of all the indie games that I own (legit of course)... and they are all working on the Mac, and the PC (otherwise, I don't play PC games only :p)... Sometimes Linux is also supported, which I find it really good.

Today, I was browsing the web, and I discovered a game that was built for a competition... It's procedurally generated, and it is quite good, though incomplete... But hey, that's freeware guys ! So, go get it, and try it...

You inherit of a mmorpg company, and need to make the best mmorpg possible before your subscribers go away with another concurrent company... A simulator that simulates a video game... cool idea...

And btw, if you guys do understand what is the square option in the build section, please let me know... No idea at all what it means :p

You can find it here...

PS : Would love to see more games with that graphic style... I think I own all of them, because I'm in love with the neon look :p
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