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Re: Political situation in Belgium

Postby Timmah! » Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:46 pm

boristhe wrote:Well what is good and what is bad, to me thats all in some gray shade I dont consider any side that much good or evil "except nazis and hitler".
Something you dont see on tv often is what they did to Irish people and how many Irish people British goverment killed. Google for "Bloody Sunday"

Only thing I really don't like is that USA and EU dont do anything, while China is getting stronger in few years we will be all slaves of the Comunistic flag if they dont do anything. :P But I somehow daubt they can do much except block chinese products.
I just see everywhere new china shops poping up from nowhere with bad smelling chinese ilegaly made products from toxic materials that are made from small poor bloody hands of chinese children, and that truely scares me.

Well, i saw the movie with Daniel Day Lewis, being in english prison for crime he did not commit, how it was called...(googles it) In the Name of the Father...absolutely brilliant movie
still i cannot lose a feeling, that some part of the world (like former british colonies in Africa) would actually benefit from being part of British Commonwealth little longer. They might not have complete sovereignity, but they could be economic and cultural wise somewhere else than they are now. Just look at the HongKong...

I think the Far East dominance is inevitable, but lets hope it is actually good thing, not bad. Hopefully higher level of life quality will turn China to better.
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Re: Political situation in Belgium

Postby Vampyre » Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:51 am

Cool ! Bloody Sunday gives me a song from U2 ! U2 rocks ! lol... Oki, I know, they are Irish and related to the irish cause... So, this is not an innocent song... Furthermore, Bono is always on the side to show injustices and problems of this world... For this, U2 is very politically involved. Recently, He met Obama and just told him what was right and what was not in his politic...

And to be a little bit more totally off-topic, Sarajevo was a good damn song, about ex-Yougoslavia... Very involved, Bono... And thanks to him for singing critics, while other would have took weapons and fight...

To get back to your bold text, yes, it was offensive to french people, and the EU were informed about that rule. They asked to remove such a rule, which, for the moment do not longer exist... But the fact is that they were ready to put this rule active... It was clear when they announced it what they were capable of, and help us see more deeply into their game...
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Re: Political situation in Belgium

Postby Boris28 » Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:28 am

U2 rocks my favorite song is Vertigo :)

Always brings my mood up if its a bad cloudy day ;).
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