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Postby Vampyre » Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:41 pm

Hello everyone there !

I'm truly sorry for this very long silence from my part... I want to clarify everything and tell those reason, even though some people at Camel already know...

This year has been a really difficult year... It started in 2010 to be honest, with my mother in law needing to receive brain surgery. It took time for her to come back, but she is all fine now and all her problems are simply gone... I also had to many projects started all together, and it created some problems home... Furthermore, my daughter is growing and the arrival in our family of her boyfriend made a huge change. My wife had really difficult to cope with it. I had to work my wife on one side, and the daughter on the other... I didn't wanted to be on any parts... But I finally managed to solve it all...

I had as well problems with my daughter's scholarity... I had two days to find a new school, and it was truly not easy to do... I told a lot of people to shut it down, and to let me do what I think was best for the future of my daughter. All those people have now come to me for apologizing, and to tell me I had been doing it the best way... I won't go into the details, but it was quite violent (even my own parents, so you can imagine)...

So, all in all, I have been more busy with my own problems the whole year, and somehow had to remove something... I removed the computer side (not just Gemini Wars only), don't worry...

Now, all is solved, and all is fine... Nobody was hurt during the lapse of this year, and I'm still with my wife, my daughter loves me as much as before, my mother in law is way better, the whole family is alright, and my daughter works really nicely now in her new school... But it took time, I do agree with that...

I can see now that the project is in pretty good shape... Glad to see in your last screenshots some ideas I brought to you guys :-)

So, for this very long time without news, I truly apologise... but if life was so easy, it would be a paradise isn't it ? :-)

Glad to find you all back guys :-)
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Re: Apologies

Postby BigB » Sat Dec 10, 2011 8:26 pm

Welcome back mate :)
No apologies necessary, life is tough, specially with 2 women at the house , :mrgreen: lol, i'm glad everything went fine.
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Re: Apologies

Postby Timmah! » Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:55 pm

Welcome back.
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