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Postby Timmah! » Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:55 am

BigB wrote:
Timmah! wrote:Just a funny story i want to add... i bought the phone from the T-Com for full price, which was funnily lowest in the country and only 20 EUROs more expensive than on the Apple Store in neighbouring Czech Rep (we do not have Apple Store over here...yet). This week, another mobile operator, O2, started to sell the phone for full price as well, for 760 EUROs, which is 150 EUROs more than i bought it from T-Com. Now guess what happened...T-Com went into full retard mode and upped the price to 749.... :shock: :mrgreen:
sometimes i cant stop wondering about country i live in, i suppose only here its possible for the salesmen to move prices up as a part of a "competition".

That's kinf of a weird "competition", I even wonder if there's competition at all, smells to me like company agreements like they do with the Oil prices :P
But well, lucky you, one week later and you would be 150 euros poorer

One week later and i woud not buy it from them, no way would i pay for it 170 EUROs more than the price on Apple Store. 20 EUROs more was acceptable, as its more convenient in case of RMA to take it to local shop than send it to Czech Rep, but 170? no way... i wonder why they even sell it this way, without their "services", if they clearly do not want you to buy it separately?
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