Hello, thinking about buying.


Hello, thinking about buying.

Postby Saga286 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:29 am

Hello everyone, I am thinking about buying this game. Looks very interesting. Kind of like SoaSE. Just better and what appears a FAR better, realistic looking Solar Systems. I could not stand seeing Solar System with 20+ planets in it. It looks like this game could get quite huge if the Developers continue with it. I do see they just had an update.

The only thing I seem to have an issue with, is the battles. I don't like how the ships just sit there and shoot (just like SoaSE, yes even in Rebellion.) Please tell me that they will fix this. It is basically the one thins that is stopping me at this point. It might be stupid, but it so very important.

Ever since Imperium Galatica 3 was never made and became Nexus and Homeworld 3 still seems to sit in limbo and SoaSE's developers NOT utilizing the fill potential of their game. I am frantically searching for a game that can help fill this void I currently have.
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Re: Hello, thinking about buying.

Postby BigB » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:37 pm

Hello Saga286,

About the battles, the ships do move until they get into range of their weapons, once they are they will stop and fire.
You can move them around in battle, and they will execute your orders will firing.
There will be another update soon, which adds Multiplayer to the game, so yes, we are updating the game :mrgreen:
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