Development Update 09-05-2014 (Planet Thulkan)

Development Update 09-05-2014 (Planet Thulkan)

Postby jaket » Fri May 09, 2014 10:19 pm

Hey Guys!

In today’s post, we want to talk about the environments in Black Talons.
As you (may) already know , there are five planets on the Oberon system, each with its own environment and characteristics.

The first that we’re covering is Thulkan, jungle planet home to House Leonis, the last noble house in the system.
Thulkan is a moist planet, full of rivers and swamps. It’s said that the vegetation on Thulkan grows so quickly and so agressively, that and outpost can disappear in 24 hours if left unattended, swallowed by bushes and trees.
This makes construction and expansion very difficult on the planet, but brings a great advantage for anyone trying to stay out of sight (provided he can survive in the harsh jungles).

The dense vegetation can be used by infantry, as it provides basic cover and concealment. Unfortunately it’s also harder to find proper construction zones, where bunkers and turrets can be deployed.

You can see below 3 images of different areas of Thulkan.


Looks like a lovely place, right? As long as you bring enough bug repellent with you, that is.
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