Explosions and effects

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Explosions and effects

Postby peelo » Wed Nov 07, 2012 5:26 pm

I was very happy to see the devs taking part in conversations, this game gave me sooooo many homeworld-vibes i've been dying to feel for a long, long, time...

Just started the campaign and theres few bits that kill the feel and the looks.

Guns and missiles are allmost same looking colored dots, missile just has a trail...

- A missile should be a quided weapon, slow at first. Fired from a launcher/rocket-pod to fixed direction then homing in on its target giving it the proper looks. Slower fire-rates, salvos instead. High "burst dmg" and long range.
- Guns need to look like guns, not shoot green dots. Muzzle Flash! A big manly BANG! Higher fire-rates, low dmg, no guidance ofc.

Ship-explosions! Horrible atm, no offence.

Ships dont "spontaneously combust" and dissapear inside the fireball OR shatter into dozens of pieces that vanish soon after.

Make battles worth looking, even after they are over! ships should leave WRECKS that should actually be destroyed by the player OR used to build up resources. Big ships should fracture into multible pieces, not just "go pop" when the HP drops to zero. Some large wrecks should even be recoverable, a repair-fleet could bring friendly heavy-capitals back if not blown away totaly or tow enemy-capitals to friendly dock for capture.

Lot of games simply ignore how large ships behave and simply implement the "goes pop and thats it" - I say its time to make a difference... ^^
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