Ship Idea: Flagship (for all races)

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Ship Idea: Flagship (for all races)

Postby Soban » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:04 am

Battleships leading a fleet is too obvious, you can also have far too many of them if you obtain the colonies. :P

Here is an idea; Flagship / Command Ship

- Unit Limit of ONE - would be overpowered otherwise.
- Slow moving, heavily armored, armed and shielded juggernaut of military power - shorter range weapons than a battleship, for balance.
- Can be adapted to possess "hero-like" abilities, spending its XP to learn powerful spells or reinforce its armor/shields. (this idea could also be extended to other ships, allowing them to spend XP to upgrade armor / shields)
- Due to its extreme size, its exceedingly expensive - both in research points, and crystals as well as unit cap points.
- Weapons more proficient at dealing with other capital-ships and cruisers, than destroyers and frigates.
- Intended to be a "ground war" endgame unit (if you want to avoid using long-range railguns)
- "Auras" could be added to give the flagship a sense of purpose heading up your attack fleet - losing the flagship in a battle would demoralize your ships, causing them to deal significantly less damage for a period of time.
- Requires top technologies in multiple research tiers to be completed before you can research this unit.

Unit Card:
Name: Command Ship / Flagship
Cost: 50,000+ (again, as i mentioned - this unit is intended as a game-ender, for people who dont like using big bertha's, ie the long-range rail guns)
Health: 2000* (estimated)
Shield: 1800* (estimated)
Speed: 6-8?
Weapons: Main gun batteries consisting of heavy lasers, missiles and "main cannon"
Ranges: 600-750?

* Would represent the base AND maximum health / shield of this ship due to the required technologies

"The Flagship represents the pinnacle of military might, this slow moving battlewagon is heavily armed, and armored - her crack tactical team improve the fighting efficiency of nearby friendly ships within a certain radius.
Due to the immense cost of such an undertaking, as well as the people required to crew her it is not a ship to be taken lightly - as she is more than capable of taking the enemy to cleaners.
Should the Flagship be destroyed by the enemy, friendly ships in local space will become demoralized and fight with reduced strength for a short period of time.
Only one flagship can be commanded by a faction at any one time."

Technology info:
Name: Flagship Design.
Cost: 75.000 Research Points.
Requirements: Battleship Hull, Armor Upgrade 3, Improved Shield Regeneration, Heavy Laser Cannons.

"Flagships are the largest ships in any military fleet, they lead assaults, coordinate combat aerospace patrols and also stand toe-to-toe with other capital ships in a firefight, they require immense investments, both in research, resources, time and manpower, and are often accompanied by a large escort fleet, simply due to that investment.
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